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Fab Academy

“Fab Academy” is a 16-week crash course on digital fabrication and prototyping based on the renowned “How to Make (Almost) Anything” course at MIT Media Lab. I took the course at Fab Lab Barcelona before founding Fab Lab Seoul.
For the final project, the students had to incorporate the skills they had learned throughout the course into a single project. This includes CNC machining, 3D Printing, electronics design and production, molding and casting, and network communication. 

The project I designed and fabricated was a 6-DOF teleoperated robotic arm. The master unit uses six potentiometers as rotary encoders to sense joint angles. The signal is transmitted to a wireless router via Processing server/client script. The slave unit receives the signal and follows the posture of the master unit. Controller boards for each unit are designed with CADSoft Eagle based on the ATmega328p Arduino board.