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Velociraptor Lab Logo

 Velociraptor Lab(aka VelLab) is a pseudonym I have been using for my freelance work. Like many other kids from my generation, I was a huge fan of dinosaurs. And again like many others, velociraptor Although now it is an established theory that they were a size of a chicken and had feathers, which makes them less fascinating to some people, their swiftness and intelligence make perfect fit for the name of an one-man lab. 


Reference images

In much early days, I occasionally draw stuff on computers, mostly the parodies of established artists' style. 

Self portrait in Julian Opie style and its pixelated version .


Album Jacket of 'Blur: The Best Of' and its parody for British rock band 'Oasis', inspired by the famous rivalry between the two. 

The image was eventually made into T-shirts for the official Korean Oasis fan forum.