Kinectar is a Kinect-controlled musical instrument made from a salvaged guitar. Two stepper motors with 3D-printed gears on the guitar head change the tension of the two remaining guitar strings, while two servos at the sound hole stroke each string at varying tempos. 

Born in a Hackathon for a documentary “Egutto Akgi Ilkayo?”(이것도 악기일까요?, “Is This Also a Musical Instrument?”). The Kinectar was shown on national television as a new type of musical instrument developed using digital fabrication techniques.

The project was sponsored by the Education Broadcasting System (EBS) and Art Council Korea (Arko). The created instruments included a gear-shaped tonewheel organ, a motion-activated guitar, 3D-printed bottle caps that could turn an empty bottle into a wind instrument, and a solenoid-controlled water-drop piano; EBS recorded most of the production process and the final performance to make a documentary, which was aired in May 2014.