Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA

 Master of Science in Architectural Studies

   • Thesis Title : A Digital Archival Platform for East-Asian Geometric Patterns

   • Thesis Advisor : Takehiko Nagakura

June 2018

 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology; Daejeon, South Korea

 Bachelor of Engineering | Mechanical Engineering

Jan 2009


 Research Fellow for Mark Goulthorpe, MIT Architecture Department; Cambridge, MA

  • MITei Energy Research Fellow for Automated Composite House Design

Sep 2017 - Present

 Research Assistant for Federico Casalegno, MIT Design Lab; Cambridge, MA

  • Designed, optimized and prototyped innovative sole designs for Puma’s running shoes

Feb - Aug 2017

 Research Assistant for Skylar Tibbits, Self Assembly Lab; Cambridge, MA

   • Developed thermally adaptive material and micropatterns for Converse shoes.

Jun - Aug 2016

 Teaching Assistant for Neil Gershenfeld; Cambridge, MA
   • MAS.863 How to Make (Almost) Anything

Sep - Dec 2016


 Fab Lab Project Manager, DRB International; Seoul, South Korea

   • Implemented on operational strategy for a new 10,000 sqft fab lab.

   • Developed a new modular design for 3D printed prosthetic hand.
   • Led the first 7-axis robotic milling fabrication project in South Korea.

Jan - Aug 2015

 Makerspace Consultant; Seoul, South Korea

   • Founded the first fab lab in South Korea.

   • Developed multiple fab lab hardware projects commissioned by National Science Museum.

     - Spheremill : DIY 3 Axis CNC milling machine for spherical object fabrication.

     - VLDP : Large size delta type 3D printer for artistic expression.

     - Standard Desk : Standardized CNC routed desk for Korean makerspaces.

Aug 2012 - Dec 2014

 CAD Instructor, Korea International Cooperation Agency; Matara, Sri Lanka

     (Alternative Service for Korean Mandatory Military Service)

   • Proposed and executed $17,000 computer lab refurbishment project.

   • Initiated 3D CAD software training program for students and local instructors.

Mar 2009 - Sep 2011


   Fabrication: 3D printing, CNC routing, CNC milling, waterjet and laser cutting, etc   • CAD Software: Solidworks, Rhino 3D, Grasshopper, AutoCAD, OpenSCAD

   • Simulation: Abaqus

   • Programming Languages: C#, Python, Javascript, Processing, D3
   • Embedded Systems: Atmel AVR, Arduino, CadSoft Eagle PCB Design

Nov 13, 2017, 8:55 AM