Exploring the gap between material and expression, the physical and the digital. Hunmin is passionate to push the boundary of digital fabrication and computational design. His ultimate goal is to construct seamless workflow from ideation to materialization by reconstructing our traditional way of making things with novel technology. His creations include Spheremill - a DIY 3 Axis CNC milling machine for spherical object fabrication, VLDP - Large-size delta type 3D printer for artistic expression, and Standard Desk : Standardized CNC routed desk for Korean makerspaces. His current focus is in development of web-based applications to lower barriers in digital design to make digital fabrication more approachable for general public. 

Previously, he was a Fab Lab specialist at DRB International where he led the launch of Fab Lab at CampusDa Seoul-based startup incubator and innovation think tank. While working at DRB International, he collaborated with ROW3Da non-profit organization developing 3D printed prosthetics in Amman to develop new prosthetic hand designs. He also led the first 7-axis robotic milling project in South Korea to fabricate sculptures of artist Davide Quayola. After receiving his Bachelor of Engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, he served his national military duty as a KOICA (Korean International Cooperation Agency) volunteer in Sri Lanka. Later he took Fab Academy from Barcelona, Spain and co-founded Fab Lab Seoul, the first of its kind in Korea. 

He is now a graduate student at Design Computation Group of MIT Architecture.